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Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm Sick! Uwaaa...


aKu pun x tau apa sbb aku sakit?

flu?? i got it.
sungguh x selesa oKeyy.

berpeluh2? itu yg peliK!

sore throat??
time meeting td,aku x bersuara oKey.
kalau ye angguk..
kalau x geleng.
simple kan?

x lah teruk sgt.. time dlm ecoN.. adelah
kaver2 sket.
aMEk tisu byk2

yG wat aku geram ni.. bersin!
memalukN aku je.
bersin je x pe lah.. ade plak tempias~
x ckup tu.. ade lagi yg sudi kuar dr sumber laiN.




kyrun _q said...

Poor you!
get well hugs n kisses from the a senior SABUNIANZ

get tag done when your well ok!
from ~Coz the memoirs is ours to share~ hehehe

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